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For Employers

Recruiting Process



  • Identify Candidate - Utilize all resources available to D&A to locate potential candidate


  • Complete Prescreen - Qualified candidate is prescreened over the phone and asked a series of questions to gain an understanding of technical qualifications, level of interest in a career change, current salary, future salary expectations, availability, travel, etc.


  • Face-to-Face Interview - If the candidate is local, they are scheduled for a face-to-face interview with D&A. Additional questions are asked to confirm and gather information pertaining to the candidate’s background. Interpersonal and communication skills, degree of professionalism, and future goals are also reviewed to verify whether the individual is a good fit for the position. If a candidate is unavailable for a face-to-face interview then D&A will conduct a video conferencing interview with the candidate.


  • Client Interview - D&A prepares the candidate for the interview. Customer requirements and job specifications are reviewed and all questions answered prior to sending the candidate to the client for an interview


  • Candidate Offer - Upon receipt of acceptance from the customer, D&A contacts the candidate, reviews all information and extends the offer to the candidate


  • Drug/Background/Reference Check(s) - After an offer has been accepted and if the customer requires, D&A will ensure a reference, drug and background check(s) are completed


  • Start Date - Once the candidate accepts the position D&A will arrange a start date by communicating with both the client and candidate


  • Ongoing Follow Up - D&A will periodically touch base with the candidate and client to ensure expectations are being satisfied.

Contract-to-Hire Placements



In today’s dynamic business and technology world, making long term staffing decisions is very difficult. D&A’s Consultant services can help you fulfill your current needs on a Contract-to-Hire basis while keeping your long-term IT solutions and expenses under control.


You can utilize D&A’s Consultant services to select the consultants with the specific skill sets required and then allocate your own permanent resources where they are most needed and effective. The end result is optimized productivity. 



  • There will be no fee for 3 months for Contract-to-Hire positions.


  • D&A will charge 15% of the consultant’s first year salary for Contract-to-Hire positions lasting less than 1 month.


  • D&A will charge 10% of the consultant’s first year salary for Contract-to-Hire positions if the contract duration is more than 1 month and less than 2 months.


  • D&A will charge 5% of the consultant’s first year salary for Contract-to-Hire positions if the contract duration is more than 2 months and less than 3 months.


  • We guarantee all the consultants we provide for two weeks.


Direct Hire Placements



At D&A, we make quality the primary driver in all of our solutions. We continuously improve upon the way we meet customer and employee expectations by closely listening and acting upon your feedback. Our goal is to develop a world-class quality system in which each business process adds maximum value to our internal and external clients.


We also know that our commitment to quality needs to be demonstrated not by just words, but with measurable variables that attest to our superior performance. 


Fee Structure & Guarantee for Direct Hire Placements:


  • The fee is 15% of the candidates’ first year salary.


  • Candidate is guaranteed for a period of 90 days.


  • “Money back guarantee” – In the event that the employee leaves the employment of the Client within the first ninety (90) days from date of hire, for any reason other than company lay-off, D&A will refund the placement fee OR find a suitable replacement within 90 days.


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