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Recruiting Process



In order to provide you with the best talent for your project(s), we identify the finest available consultant candidates through a comprehensive Recruiting Process, which has been defined and refined over numerous years and has emerged at the forefront of the staffing and services industry.


Our dedicated recruiting staff consists of a recruiting manager and recruiter(s). Each recruiter is provided with:


  • Access to a centralized, web-enabled, automated candidate management system

  • Online skill assessment forms

  • Comprehensive technical and business training on a regular basis


Use of these advanced tools and techniques along with our extensive interview and screening process, makes our recruitment and fulfillment process one of the best in the industry.

Business Referral Bonus Plan



In addition to our Candidate Referral Program, we offer a Business Referral Program. This program encourages eligible individuals to submit business opportunities with existing and/or new clients to D&A.


If you know that your department, or another department within the company is looking to add another position, or that there is a need for additional consultants, you can send us that information. If that opportunity becomes an open assignment, and a consultant is successfully placed, you may be eligible for a bonus.


How much is the bonus?


  • $250-$2500, payable 90 days after D&A has placed a consultant at the new client or new opportunity that D&A had no access to previously as an existing client. The amount of the bonus will be calculated based on the profit margin of the opportunity and will be determined by D&A Management. The bonus applies only to the referred placement or business opportunity and will not be paid out on any future business with the client.

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